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Python Racing has a long history of racing in Australia and we think it's about time to test our wheels in America.

Python Racing Sponsorship USA Map Racetracks
Python Racing Sponsorship Car Front


Not only can you experience the sport in a whole new way but your advertising will talk to a unique demographic of fans that can be difficult to otherwise reach​.

"There's really nothing like race-car sponsorship." 

Python Racing Sponsorship Car Back


Python Racing Sponsorship Car Side



Sleeve Left - 4" x 1¼" 

Sleeve Right - 4" x 1¼

Lower Back - 4" x 1¼"


Sleeve Left - 3½" x 3½"

Sleeve Right - 3½" x 3½"

Lower Back - 4" x 2"


Left Breast - 4" x 4"

We know that without our sponsors races would never happen. As a sponsor we put you and your needs first and are always keen to discuss new ways to promote your brand. It’s an important partnership, an important part of the racing industry and something we take very seriously. 

Python Racing Sponsorship Shirt

During the tour our race-car will travel over 4000 miles on the back of a flatbed. Believe us when we say that these vehicles get a lot of attention. With a Python Racing sponsorship you can be sure that your advertising is being seen, with thousands of unique impressions stretching from California to Texas. 

If your interested in taking the next step get in touch!


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